10 Years Tomorrow

Tomorrow, on April 3rd, my wife and I will have been married for 10 years. We got married young(18 and 19), started having kids almost right away, been through many health problems, we have been been poor, we have been well off, we have been through many things but our marriage is still going strong. Even though getting married young and having kids right away has made things difficult at times, neither of us has ever regretted getting married young and having kids right away. Our marriage is going great and will only get better.
We have 5 wonderful boys and they make every day wonderful. And since we started having kids so early, we are done early too. (Veronica has been through 5 c-sections and we decided to be done having kids because of how hard the c-sections have been on her body) But now, family around us are starting to have their kids and others will be soon (hint hint Rachel) So we still get our baby fix, but we wont have all of those sleepless nights :)

I just wanted to share with everyone why I think our marriage is going so well. (I don't think that a marriage missing things from the following list is doomed to failure at all. It just will probably be harder.) The following are mostly not in any specific order, except the first three:

  • The foundation of both our marriage and our lives is God. (We aren't perfect, but we do continually work at putting God first in everything.)
  • We always love each other. (I'm talking about true love, the kind described in I Corinthians 13.) Love is an action, not a feeling.
  • We are both actively working on improving our marriage.
  • We married our best friend.
  • We encourage each other.
  • Be so happy with life that we both forget our 8th anniversary until a few days after.
  • Talk, but not just small talk. Have deep, long conversations together. (Yes, I'm not much of a talker naturally. That is why I am reading about how to hold conversations. I love having long, deep conversations with my wife. I'm just not very good at them, yet at least.)
  • Spend time together. Even being next to each other and doing different things is good.
  • Spend time apart. We don't have exactly the same interests 100% of the time. So sometimes we do something the other isn't interested in.
  • We can't fulfill 100% of each others needs. Only God can do that.
10 Years Tomorrow
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